The Lindridge/Martin Manor Neighborhood Association

Article I, General Purpose

The purpose of the Lindridge/Martin Manor Neighborhood Association (LMMNA) is to improve and preserve the quality of life of the residents of the Lindridge Martin Manor Neighborhood (LMMN) and shall include the following:

  • Interacting with all applicable levels of government to provide services and improvements in the LMMN.
  • Disseminating information, including a newsletter, about events and issues affecting the LMMN to those living or conducting business in the LMMN, as well as educating residents and business people in the LMMNA.
  • Promoting a spirit of friendliness and cooperation among residents and encouraging residents to be responsible for the success of the LMMNA and the neighborhood.
  • Providing a forum for residents and business people to meet and discuss neighborhood concerns and goals.
  • Engaging in other such activities and functions as shall be deemed proper in the furtherance of the goals and purposes of the LMMNA.


Proposed By-Laws Changes for 2016