Armand Park Conceptual Design

Conceptual Plan.jpg

Throughout the design process the community articulated the need for Armand Park to be an active trail head green space. They also voiced that the park features be fun learning experiences geared towards children. These aspirations are achieved throughout every aspect of the conceptual design.

A Gathering Area will provide a formal entry to the park with signage to the South Fork Peachtree Creek Trail Network. The west side of the Gathering Area will lead you to the park amenities, while the east side leads to the gravel Watershed Pathway that connects the South Fork Peachtree Creek Trail. The gravel path provides off road bicycle and pedestrian access. The entry Gathering Area will also provide bicycle parking. Access to the South Fork Trail system is also provided through the park by a wheelchair Accessible Walkway. The Accessible Walkway also connects to all of the park’s amenities. Learning experiences are provided through the Children’s Garden and the Rain Garden. The Children’s Garden is designed to be a fun place for children to get exposed to the importance of agriculture and nature. The Rain Garden is designed to be a beautiful amenity that cleanses storm water before entering the South Fork Peachtree Creek Trail. Interpretive signage will be set in the Rain Garden to illustrate the processes of the watershed and the cleansing functions taking place on site.

By providing these experiences early in life children are more likely to have a greater appreciation for them in the future. Due to the existing topography of the site, two play areas are provided. The Upper Play Area will be geared to younger children ages (2-5 years). This area provides direct access to the Pergola. The Pergola will provide a place for parents to sit comfortably while observing the activities taking place. Additional seating is also provided by a Seat Wall at the Upper and Lower Play Areas. The Lower Play Area will be geared toward older children (5-12 years). Access to the Lower Play Area is provided by the Accessible Walkway and stairs on the west side of the Pergola. Separating the two play areas is the Hill Slide. The Hill Slide provides a fun way to access the Lower Play Area from the Upper Play Area. The Hill Slide also ingeniously functions as a retaining structure that maintains the floor elevation of the Upper Playground. Lawns are provided throughout the design for picnics and community activities.