Dear Lindridge Martin Manor Neighbors
It has been 12 days since the collapse of the I-85 bridge and all of us are adjusting to new norms when it comes to commuting in and around the city….let alone our neighborhood.  Prior to the collapse, our neighborhood has endured a fair amount of afternoon traffic as drivers use our streets as a cut-through to Cheshire Bridge via Alco.  Distractive drivers speeding through our neighborhood has been an on-going problem and now it has reached unbearable levels. 
Since the collapse, I have been in contact with Councilman Alex Wan who has been a huge advocate for our neighborhood with other Atlanta City Officials and the Atlanta Police Department.  I personally have been in contact with Major Shaw and Lt Tony Singh expressing concern and requesting assistance.  At first my request was met with resistance due to the limited resources as all APD officers have been assigned to major intersections of the city directing traffic and keeping main arteries moving.  After nearly having been hit myself, I pressed the issue with Councilman Wan, Major Shaw and a slew of other City Officials. 
To my pleasure Lt Tony Singh contacted me and has agreed to meet with members of the neighborhood to hear your concerns.  You may have noticed that we have had an APD officer circling our streets during the busy afternoon hours.  As appreciative as many of us are, we need to keep up the pressure and express our concerns and continue to ask for help.  With that, we are meeting this Thursday, April 13th at 5:30 at the intersection of Pembrook and Cardova in the driveway of The Kenney’s home at 923 Cardova to speak with Lt. Tony Singh with the APD,  We need your help and your voice.  If you are home from work, plan to join us! 
Other Reminders
LMMNA Spring Fling is set for Sunday, April 23rd 1-3 PM at the Armand Green Space
Membership Drive – If you have not taken the time to sign up and contribute, please do so at
General Meeting – Wednesday, May 3rd at 7 PM Taverna Plaka.  Come see the Armand Park plans!  

Thank You!
Kevin Kilbride
President - LMMNA