During 2017, Lindridge Martin Manor Neighborhood Association (LMMNA), City of Atlanta Office of Parks and Recreation, the Armand Park Steering Committee and other community constituents have been working together to develop a community based design for a brand new park, Armand Park, to be located right here in our Lindridge Martin Manor neighborhood. Community members have been encouraged to share their hopes and ideas for Armand Park through several community gatherings, and City of Atlanta Office of Park Design used these dreams for Armand Park to design the current concept plan incorporating many of the community’s wish list items. We anticipate a phased development of Armand Park with the initial focus being on the playground areas and connecting the park to the existing South Fork Trail System. On behalf of LMMNA, we are excited to share with all of you the community’s vision for Armand Park and look forward to working together to making this park a reality for our neighborhood! 


Throughout the design process the community articulated the need for Armand Park to be an active trail head green space. They also voiced their wish for park features to be fun learning experiences geared towards children. These aspirations, along with many other desires from our community are achieved throughout every aspect of the conceptual design. 


We launched our initial and most essential fundraising campaign for the park in May 2017. The great news is, we've already raised more than half of the funds needed to reach our campaign goal! Please help the neighborhood reach this goal by supporting Armand Park with a tax deductible donation before October 1, 2017.  Learn more about our fundraising intiaitive and upcoming events here. 


In late 2016, a unique opportunity presented itself to LMMNA. That opportunity was to build a community park at 2177 Armand Rd in partnership with the City of Atlanta Office of Parks and Recreation and the Southfork Conservancy. Knowing that opportunities like these do not often arise, LMMNA began lying the groundwork for what will eventually be known Armand Park.