We're ready to open our community garden across from the Armand Green Space. We just need you!

The new irrigation system was installed in May 2018, thanks to a generous $2,000 grant from the City of Atlanta and Neighborhood Planning Unit F. We have area enough for 21 plots and have already built eight raised beds and other shared amenities. A one-year membership is $200.

On March 2 a group of about 10 neighbors got together to set up the first of eight raised beds. Planting will begin in March and April. After that, it’s up to us what we do with this fantastic space — open to all!

You may recall this is the site of a former home, and there is a remainder of a patio and outdoor grill that we’d like to use for public space. We're also pricing out the installation of a metal grate so the outdoor grill will be functional at this site again soon.

C'mon, let's get growing!


Matt Sussman

LMMNA Garden Committee Chair